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Shenzhen Reach Century Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in computer software development of high-tech enterprises, the company was founded in March 2010, the company employees more than 90% bachelor or above majored in computer, the company since its inception, has been focused on the image processing technology, video

analysis, audio retrieval, multimedia electronic archives technology the software development and application, have developed a professional software photo archives data management platform, audio-visual archives data management platform, media data analysis systems, has been widely used in archives, government agencies, customs, inspection and quarantine, aerospace industry and other industry bodies.Company is a professional audio and video data service providers, from the industry solutions, system customization development, system integration implemented after the implementation of the system services and technical support, covering the entire video data management life cycle. Companies have successfully implemented a number of different sectors of the industry data management program, and has accumulated rich experience in the application of the industry case and experience................

Unity, integrity is our motto, we are firm and indomitable spirit. The company to build a first-class audio-visual data management system, strong development team, Follow-Up Services perfect, escort for your use.